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Are you looking to sell your gentlemen’s club? Strip Club Brokers can help you sell your club faster and more efficiently than doing it on your own. Through our access to a national advertising network, your business will be posted on worldwide business brokerage listing services on the Internet. Most businesses are sold as “asset sales” versus selling as stock transfers. This means that the business owner will retain certain assets and may pay certain bills. When an expert is determining the price a business should produce on the open market, the report that is prepared is a business valuation.

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Strip Club Brokers will review your business and its financial information. A business valuation will be used to assure the business is priced right. It takes into consideration the fair market value of the assets and the ability of the business to earn money, or “going concern” values. To market the business, we have assembled an array of tools that provide strip club owners with the greatest probability of selling their gentlemen’s club. Through our advertising, our presence in multiple telephone directories, Internet advertising, direct mail and networking through affiliation, we generate contact with hundreds of individual and corporate buyer prospects every month. Your Strip Club Broker can maintain confidentiality, educate you through the entire purchase process, offer advice and consultation, save you time and money, present the facts regarding your opportunities, professionally handle negotiations, coordinate the transfer process, provide escrow protection and bridge the gap between you and the buyer.

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